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ECO-Friendly Bamboo Bowl And Plate

ECO-Friendly Bamboo Bowl And Plate

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    Our adorable and eco-friendly animal-themed Bamboo Dinner Sets - featuring the cute and cuddly Fox, Lamb, Little Bear, Rabbit, and Tiger designs! Our dinner sets are the perfect way to make meal times enjoyable and sustainable for your little ones.

    Each dinner set features segmented compartments that are ideal for dividing different foods and encouraging your child to explore and enjoy a variety of flavors. The suction bottom of our dinner sets keeps them firmly in place on the table or high chair, preventing messy mealtimes. The silicone suction pad attaches to the underside of the plate and sticks tight, ensuring a secure and stable surface.

    Our bamboo dinner sets are made from 100% bamboo material, which is completely toxin-free and free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for your little ones to use. Our products are also completely melamine-free and do not contain any form of plastic or its components, which ensures that they are environmentally friendly.

    Cleaning and maintaining our Bamboo Dinner Sets is easy - we recommend hand washing and wiping them with beeswax or coconut oil once a month to maintain optimum condition.

    Make a sustainable and fun choice for your child's mealtime routine with our adorable animal-themed Bamboo Dinner Sets. Not only will you be providing a safe and healthy eating experience for your little one, but you will also be doing your part in preserving the environment. Your child will love their cute and cuddly animal companions at mealtimes!


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