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Safe Bump

Safe Bump

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    Pinching your thighs while driving can be a major distraction, especially during pregnancy. Our pregnancy belt adjuster, SafeBump, is designed to keep you and your baby safe while ensuring maximum comfort on the road.

    With a broken thread design, our SafeBump pregnancy belt adjuster firmly holds the seat belt in place, allowing you to transfer the force acting on your abdomen to your thighs, making it more comfortable and safe for your growing belly and newborn.

    The adjustable strap on our pregnancy belt adjuster makes it easy to adjust according to your needs, regardless of your size or weight. The cheek system is designed with bite teeth to prevent slipping and ensure your safety while driving.

    Our pregnant seat belt adjusters are designed with comfort in mind. The oval horns ensure that even when wearing shorts, you won't feel any discomfort or pinching, allowing you to focus on driving and keeping you and your baby safe.

    With SafeBump, you can be assured of a safe and reliable pregnancy belt adjuster that will give you the peace of mind you need while driving, without any discomfort or distraction.     

    ✔︎ Safe and secure: SafeBump ensures maximum safety for both the mother and baby while driving, with its broken thread design firmly holding the seat belt in place and transferring force to the thighs.

    ✔︎ Maximum comfort: The adjustable strap and bite teeth system of SafeBump provides maximum comfort, regardless of the mother's size or weight, with oval horns preventing discomfort or pinching.

    ✔︎ Easy to use: SafeBump is easy to adjust and install, making it a convenient and practical solution for pregnant women who want to ensure their safety and comfort while driving.

    ✔︎ Peace of mind: SafeBump provides pregnant mothers with peace of mind, knowing that they and their baby are safe while driving, without any discomfort or distraction.


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